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Privacy protection system

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First, to protect the user's personal information, the data is not in the proper use case was leaked to avoid the loss of privacy disclosure, the development of privacy protection system.


Second, the website Privacy scope of


1 registered user on this site, provided by the user according to the requirements of this website personal registration information;


Use of this site, to participate in the activities of the website, or visit the pages of this website, the website automatically receive and record the value of the user's browser on the server, including the IP address and other data and user requirements to access Web History ;


3, the site collected user transactions data on this site, including the bid, purchase, credit evaluation, gig, shipping address, contact telephone number, contact name;


4, this site through legal means to obtain the user's personal data from our business partners.


Third, the protection of user information:


1, the user's information to be confidential and not use customer information for any purpose other than in the normal operation of this website, unless approved in advance by the user to get permission.


2, the website also does not allow any third party by any means to collect, edit, sell, disseminate or disclose users' personal information. Any user who engaged in these activities, once discovered, this website reserves the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user's seizure of its accounts.


Article IV, disclosure of information, the user's personal information in the following cases some or all of the disclosure:


1, the user agrees to the disclosure to third parties;


2, according to the requirements of the relevant provisions of the law, or administrative or judicial bodies, disclosed to third parties, administrative or judicial bodies;


4, to provide the products and services you have requested, but must share the user's personal information and third-party;


5, the other of the site in accordance with the law or the site agreement provides that appropriate disclosure.


Article, information security:


1, the account of the user of the website are password protection function, the user should safekeeping account and password information;


Conduct online transactions in the use of this site, you inevitably to a counterparty or potential counterparties to provide their personal information, such as contact details or postal address. The user should be properly protected your personal information to others only in necessary cases;


3, if the users find their personal information leaks, especially this website account and password leak occurs, immediately contact the customer service of this website, to take appropriate measures to this website.


Article VI, users enjoy query their information at any time, to add or correct, delete, use the right.


Article 7, use about cookies, set cookies to obtain information through this website, will apply to this system.

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