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Credit management system

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First, to enhance the users of this site concept of credit, credit awareness, standardize the behavior of network transactions to improve the trust of online transactions is formulated sites credit evaluation management system

Second evaluation of the system within the meaning of the letter with the members of this site after the successful completion of each transaction, both parties are entitled to make an assessment of the other transaction, this evaluation is also referred to as credit rating. Parties to the transaction should be the spirit of seeking truth from facts, serious and responsible attitude assessment, evaluation against malicious or speculation credit.


The third set credit evaluation index system (the website transactions of goods as well as the parties to the transaction credit evaluation index system to develop in line with the actual site).


1, each user's credibility is divided into two parts: the credit score, and praise (satisfaction), the initial values ​​are zero.


2 credit evaluation index system, evaluation is divided into three categories of "Good", "Average", "bad", and set the corresponding points of each evaluation. 1-2 "praise", "comment" zero "Poor" buckle 1-2.


3 Credit: Member rating points are accumulated, and evaluation integral display on the pages of the Web site.


4, during the evaluation: refers to the number of days (15 days) after the transaction is successful.


Third, the evaluation process


Buyers can evaluate the quality of the goods, service attitude, speed of delivery and logistics company services the seller of the seller; sellers buyers to evaluate the attitude of buyers shopping, payment speed.


1, how to evaluate the prompts on the site evaluation process. The transaction can only conduct an evaluation.


2, the two sides should be evaluated in a number of days (15 days) after the transaction is successful, the evaluation of the completion of the evaluation before the other party is not visible, the two sides after the completion of the evaluation, the evaluation will immediately display and integral whole network, within the specified time within the non-evaluation, the system automatically defaults to praise and points. Evaluation generation, been assessed within the specified time to explain.


3, the evaluation scoring rules:


1) the evaluation of scoring each natural months, the same buyers and sellers shall not exceed 6 (The system displays the transactions created). Beyond scoring the evaluation of the scope of the rules will not be scored.


2) If within 14 days (time) The system displays the transactions created between the same trading house on the same product, a number of transactions, the number of praise scored only once, multiple Poor scoring only once.


Fourth, evaluation, modify, and delete


The parties to the transaction within 30 days after the evaluation, the evaluation of once independent modify or delete the opportunity to evaluate, you can choose to modify, and can also be removed. Evaluation can not be deleted after revised or modified again. Changes to the evaluation of the Rules Scoring. Evaluation can only be modified or deleted, please exercise caution.


Article, evaluation integral display

Credit and praise of (satisfaction), the credit is divided into the evaluation scoring accumulated value received degrees (satisfaction) praise or satisfaction percentage, credit points can also be set to a different icon for the parties to the transaction credit be represented.

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