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Online trading risk management approach

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First, to strengthen this website trading risk management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the transaction, to ensure that this website online shopping normal development of this approach, according to the website management system and trading rules.


Second, the site, members, customers must comply with these measures.


Third, the parties to the transaction must use the true identity of their own


This site are parties to the transaction in the process of online shopping transactions, you should use the true identity, including their own identity information, business conditions, the site has the responsibility to inform each other of the true identity of their own, such as: business license and special business license, information, business entity address and a real and effective contact details.


Fourth, the parties to the transaction must understand each other's true identity.


The site before the transaction is to learn as much as possible about each other's true identity, credit status, performance capabilities and transaction information may be required to inform each other or to the online shopping platform provider, if necessary, can also query to the relevant management, service agencies.

If the other party refuses to provide basic identity information, or find other information in the presence of untrue information should be treated with caution, cautious trading, vigilant and guard against fraud with online shopping.


Article, the use of a secure means of payment.


This website to choose the way to pay online, you should raise the awareness of secure payment, secure and reliable online payment platform and in time to save payment information. Online shopping trading options under the net pay, to fully consider the characteristics and differences of cash on delivery, payment and delivery, choose the most safe and convenient means of payment, pay attention to the safety of the use of funds.


Article VI, shopping records for trading credentials.


The members of this site should be kept in their own various types of transaction records and make a backup, such as: the identity information, product information, payment information, shipping information, contract information, and communication records in the shopping process. In the event of a dispute as dealing with disputes credentials. Making involving an amount greater or more important transactions, you can generate the necessary written documents or take other reasonable measures to save the transaction log.


Article VII of the parties to the transaction must be entered into the contract.


Article 8 of the parties to the transaction must comply with the requirements of the contract entered into.


This website counterparties using e-mail, online exchange the conclusion of the contract, the parties to the transaction must comply with the relevant provisions of contract law, the Electronic Signature Law, and note the following:


1, the data message to confirm receipt of the relevant matters;


The form of a data message sent offer withdrawn, revoked and failure and a commitment to withdraw;


3, the automated trading system file legal effect;


4, paying the purchase price, subject matter and related documents, vouchers delivery;


5, a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitration choice, the determination of the applicable law;


6, other laws and regulations.


Article 9, the use of electronic signatures in accordance with the law.

This website contract signed by electronic signature, electronic signatures required by law to comply with, the use of reliable electronic signature, electronic certification service providers established by law certification services.

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